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California lottery player wins jackpot twice

The odds of hitting a lottery jackpot are quite small, especially considering the size of the jackpot. The larger the pot, the more tickets that are being sold, the lesser your chances of winning. But, we know it can be done as players earn cash prizes each day. Be it a few dollars or a few hundred thousand dollars, even millions, players do win the lottery. (01/12)

Annual birthday lottery ticket results in big win

The lottery is a great way for gamblers to try and win a quick book. Lottery tickets are commonly given as gifts for special occasions especially birthdays. Many people receive lottery tickets on their birthday as a fun way to celebrate. Just recently, a man from Michigan was able to win a pretty penny just by scratching a birthday lottery ticket. (12/05)

Social Security Numbers of Deceased Used for Lottery Wins

New Jersey lottery officials have determined via an audit that almost 48 winners have collected prizes based on false social security numbers. The numbers used belonged to individuals who were deceased. The audit found that along with the false security number information, $890,000 in taxes and other debts were not paid by those who had won over the last fiscal year. (19/02)

Missed Bus Results in $1 million Slot Win

It is amazing to see just how small decisions can be the turning point in a gamblerís life. Some of the most interesting jackpot wins come from the silliest of circumstances. From purchasing a lottery ticket on a whim to using a special coin to play the slots, any small decision can result in a major jackpot win. Just recently a lady from Toronto ended up winning just over $1 million by playing a slot game after missing a bus to Niagara. (15/02)

New Multi-State Lottery To Launch in US

In most states across the US, you can enjoy competing in some type of lottery. There are individual state lottery games as well as multi-state lottery games. States that offer such games allow you to purchase tickets and either scratch the card to see if you earned a win or hope you earn the same numbers drawn to win the jackpot prize. Just recently, it was announced that a new lottery will be launching this month which will be a multi-state option. (14/10)

Ohio Man Wins Major Lottery Prize

Across the United States, there are many different ways in which to play the lottery. From scratch cards to drawings, the games are offered in several states across the US that gives players the opportunity to win millions in cash prizes. Players can spend as little as they wish or dig deep to purchase multiple lottery tickets to earn even more great lottery prizes. In the state of Ohio, players have several options for playing the lottery, including the new 40th Anniversary Millions. (10/10)

Lottery Winner Earns $225 Million

The lottery is an option that gamblers can enjoy on a daily basis with minimal effort. With other gambling games, you have to visit a land based casino to take part in live gaming. However, with the lottery, you can simply go down the street to a gas station or lottery retailer and purchase a ticket. The process is quick and easy and can result in you winning a massive jackpot prize. (02/10)

Texas Lottery Players Looking for Compensation

When a player purchases a lottery ticket, they check the numbers and hope the ticket is a win. When you believe that you have matched the right numbers and have won a prize, it is an amazing feeling. Now imagine, that the ticket you thought was a winner, is not. This is exactly what has happened to several Texas lottery players and now the state Lottery Commission may have a serious lawsuit on their hands. (26/09)

New Yorker Wins $7.5 Million Lottery Ticket

The lottery is a game that will no never go out of style. Players want to win a huge prize so they continue to purchase lottery tickets and play the games in the hopes of being the next player to take down a lottery jackpot. In New York State, a player recently earned a $7.5 million lottery prize after winning the Silver Spectacular game. (23/09)

Ohio Lottery Winner Under Suspicion After Multiple Lottery Wins

Winning the lottery is not a common occurrence. No matter how many times you play, it is very unlikely that you will win a massive prize, much less more than one large prize. However, there are players who seem to be defying the norm and winning several lottery prizes. Multiple lottery prizes in Ohio have led to suspicion and an investigation to see if any shenanigans are going on with the state lottery. (17/09)

Former Convenience Store Clerk Faces Charges for Lottery Theft

Playing the lottery is always fun and exciting. For a small investment, you can purchase a lottery ticket and hopefully get the right matches to earn a nice prize. From $1 to millions, you can earn a prize by playing your favorite lottery games. As fun as the lottery is, some players do not have the extra cash to play or do not want to spend the money. Instead, they try to scam the system and steal from the lottery. A former convenience store clerk is now facing charges after stealing tickets from his former employer. (15/09)

Lottery Player Finds Major Winning Ticket

Every lottery player has lost a ticket on at least one occasion. As a regular gambler, we all hope to earn the next big prize, but in most cases a ticket is a loser. We can easily forget to check the ticket or just toss a ticket thinking it is not a winner. Imagine finding a lottery ticket worth millions of dollars. Exciting right? This is exactly what happened to a Long Island man who owns a body shop. Jerry Ritieni found a lottery ticket he purchased back in July that were worth almost $3 million! (08/09)

Euromillions Player Earns Huge Lottery Prize

PlayEuroLotto is a service in which players are able to compete for massive lottery prizes. Simply play lottery games and hope you hit a winning combination to earn the most in lottery cash. Just recently, a player was announced to have won a massive prize while competing via the site which took place on the 8th of August. (04/09)

Florida Gambler Wins $1 Million

Lottery players enjoy purchasing tickets in the hopes of earning a large jackpot prize. There is a certain thrill that can be gained when purchasing a lottery ticket. Every player dreams of hitting the big jackpot and claiming a million dollar prize. By claiming such a large prize, a gambler can change their life. Work can end and the fun can begin with million dollar lottery prizes. Just recently, a gambler in Florida was able to earn a huge jackpot prize by playing the 50X the Cash game. (02/09)

North Carolina Man Claims Large Lottery Prize

Across the globe, the lottery is being played on a daily basis. From Powerball to Mega Millions, players have several choices for earning lottery wins. Some players will use the scratch cards for a quick game while others rely on lottery drawings for the big jackpot prizes. Either way, players will commit to playing the lottery on a regular basis in the hopes of becoming the next big winner. (26/08)

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