$12 Million 6/49 Lottery Winner
John Van Der Sluys has a problem must any one would like to have, what to do with the $12, 512,425 check handed to him after winning the Monday's 6/49 lottery draw.

Since John was not home during the drawing it fell upon his wife to tell him the news. That turned out to take awhile as he had left his cell phone at home. It wasn’t until after he finally returned home the his wife got to tell him the multi-million dollar news, "She said 'come downstairs, I have to tell you something,'" recalled Van Der Sluys.

Turns out the Van Der Sluys’s had one of two winning tickets. Though this is fabulous news for the whole family, one does not know yet. His 18 year old son is son is in his first year at the university. He has not be let in on the little secret as of yet. Why not tell him?
He's studying hard. He might get all excited. He has to study!" said John.

As far as future plans the marine engineer plans on seeking a financial advisor but does has his eye a his dream car, a 1994-98 Porsche. As far as work, a reduction in hours is in the future but as far as quitting, "I love my job and I cannot let my boss down," he said.

- 2007-11-27

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