$59 million lottery ticket sold in Pennsylvania
Millions of people play the Powerball lottery in the hopes that they will become millionaires. The lottery usually has a multimillion dollar jackpot available and everyone plays to see if they will hit the jackpot. Players will use special numbers to try and win the jackpot, using family memberís birthdays or other special numbers to try and win the jackpot. The Pennsylvania lottery recently announced that a winning ticket was purchased for the $59.9 million dollar jackpot prize.

The lucky player was able to match all six numbers of the Powerball lottery to claim the $59.9 million dollar prize but that winner has yet to come forward. The winning numbers were 9, 16, 17, 28 and 30 with a Powerball of 11 and a Power Play multiplier of 3.

The drawing also produced five winners that matched five numbers in the drawing but not the Powerball. Two of those ticket holders had purchased the Power Play option so they won $1 million each. These two tickets were sold in Iowa and New Jersey. The other three tickets won $200,000 each and two of these tickets were sold in Florida while the last ticket was sold in New Mexico.

Lottery officials now anxiously await to see who the big winner is. Hopefully in the next few days the winner will come forward and claim their prize. It will be interesting to see who the winner is and how they will spend the extra cash! The next Powerball drawing will take place on Wednesday and will have a jackpot prize of $20 million dollars.

- 2011-11-21

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