Annual birthday lottery ticket results in big win
The lottery is a great way for gamblers to try and win a quick book. Lottery tickets are commonly given as gifts for special occasions especially birthdays. Many people receive lottery tickets on their birthday as a fun way to celebrate. Just recently, a man from Michigan was able to win a pretty penny just by scratching a birthday lottery ticket.

The winner remains anonymous and reported to lottery officials that his sister sends him lottery tickets each year for his birthday. He has never been really lucky when scratching the tickets but this year was the exception. The lucky winner was able to win $400 a week for the rest of his life based on the Cash for Life ticket.

The man could not believe his luck after receiving three Cash for Life tickets. He asked his wife to help him scratch the tickets and she revealed the big winner. The couple were in disbelief and could not believe their luck.

According to the winner, the two could not stop reading the instructions over and over because they felt like what they were reading was too good to be true. After calling the lottery office, the couple finally believed their good fortune.

The man said he is not a big lottery player but his sister always sends him tickets on his birthday. He has won a few dollars here and there but never anything like this. The man has decided to take the prize as a lump sum instead of being paid each week. The man will now have $442,842 to his name and plans on giving his sister some of the cash for her sending him the tickets year after year. He will then use the remainder to invest in retirement for him and his wife to live comfortably.

- 2015-05-12

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