Another Tennessee Lottery Glitch
Itís a new year and the Tennessee lottery still canít get rid of last years glitch issues. This glitch in the system though was minor compared to the others.

In September, there was a misprint on the Lotto 5, Cash 3 and Cash 4 tickets which showed the Powerball jackpot as $29 million instead of $15 million.

The major glitch was found last summer when the random-number generating computers malfunctioned. This meant that the lottery could not draw repeating digits in the Cash 3 and Cash 4 games and it was several weeks before it was discovered.

This time though it was just the clock on the web site that that showed the countdown to January 22ndís ďMillion $ MadnessĒ game. As soon as the New Year arrived it showed 86 days to do but the correct date still displayed correctly under the clock.

Kym Gerlock, spokeswoman for the lottery said that the flash animation clock started counting down to Febuary 22nd instead of January 22nd after the New Year arrived.

ďThe problem was corrected early this morning, so for one day, the countdown clock would have been displaying more days than there actually are until the drawing,íí Gerlock added.
The only placed that the time showed wrong was on the website and Gerlock confirmed that all the material is printed with the correct dates.

Million $ Madness is a raffle-style game with a limited number of tickets sold. Four winners will get $1 million each. There also will be 10 - $10,000 prizes and 500- $100 prizes.

- 2008-01-02

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