Bristol Waitress wins £1million with Last £5
Maria Murray is a struggling waitress with four children having a hard time making ends meet. She had told her children that there would most likely be no money for Christmas presents this year. Maria of Bristol recently spent her last £5 on a scratch ticket for the Merry Millions lottery and little did she know that buying the £5 ticket would change her life.

The scratch card Maria purchased was worth £1million. Maria purchased the card last minute and thought she had only won £1. Maria commented to The Daily Mirror: "It has been a really difficult year and then this comes along. It's been a complete shock. I just can't believe that earlier this year I was struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. The kids are really enjoying it. They've all been talking about what they're going to spend the money on. All of a sudden the future looks so much better for me and my whole family and I'm really looking forward to the New Year.”

Maria has three daughters, Terri 21, Toni 20, Rikki 19 and a son Todd who is 17. The children’s father, Tim Hunt has supposedly told friends that he would like some of the jackpot. Lawyers have advised Maria that she has no obligation to Mr. Hunt as they have split over a year ago.

It is really great that a family who is in need has won such a fantastic prize. The family has stated that they will be sensible with their earnings and invest part of their earnings.

- 2009-01-02

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