Bullhead City looking for large lottery winner
Bullhead City, Arizona has been abuzz ever since the recent drawing of the Powerball. The city was the home of the winner of the $95.3 million dollar prize but no one has stepped forward yet to claim it. Everyone in the town is wondering: ‘who could it be?’

The local Safeway was hoping that the winner would come forward this past Thursday to claim their ticket but no one came forward. Bullhead City is a very small town so the winner has to be a local that everyone knows or someone who was just visiting.

Once the winner does claim their ticket they will have to decide to take a lump sum or the win in payouts. If the lump sum is chosen then the winner will take home $50 million dollars and if the entire amount is taken then the winner will earn a specific amount over a thirty year period.

The winner has one hundred and eighty days to claim their prize and if the winner is from Arizona then this will be one of the largest to go to a resident of the state. John Jenkins the Safeway assistant manager commented that he was busy all day Thursday talking to television shows and news crews.

Jenkins stated: “this is a huge deal. Ninety-five million dollars? If it’s someone local, it will affect generations of people who live here. I would share the wealth with teachers, doctors, friends and family.” Jenkins had purchased a lottery ticket himself, and as soon as he got in to work on Thursday he checked to see if his was the winning ticket, but it was not.

The Safeway earned a bonus of $25,000 for selling the winning ticket and many people are sure to be coming in trying to hit the lottery like the lucky winner. Hopefully the winner will appear soon so the speculation can end and the celebrating can begin.

- 2010-12-03

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