California lottery player wins jackpot twice
The odds of hitting a lottery jackpot are quite small, especially considering the size of the jackpot. The larger the pot, the more tickets that are being sold, the lesser your chances of winning. But, we know it can be done as players earn cash prizes each day. Be it a few dollars or a few hundred thousand dollars, even millions, players do win the lottery.

Imagine winning the lottery not once but twice, in just a few minutes! That is exactly what happened to Rodney Meadows of Modesto, California. Meadows purchased $30 scratch-off tickets while he was out running errands. He went outside to scratch the tickets and came back in saying he won big. On the first try, he won $1,000.

Meadows decided to play again. He purchased the last three tickets and the third one produced a prize of $10 million. The player could not believe his luck and the ticket was scanned again and again to ensure the ticket was a big winner.

The winning ticket was sold at the Fast Mart, a convenience store that is accustomed to big winners. In November, a player managed to win $25,000 on a scratch ticket and then $30,000 was won at the same store in 2014. A big $1.5 million winner came from down the street, giving players cause to purchase tickets in this area of California.

Players are now coming out in droves to try and be the next big winner. Whether they feel big prizes remain at the store or that their odds are good considering the amount of money won from this location, you never know. Either way, it will be interesting to see if a big winner will be produced from the Fast Mart, as players continue to purchase tickets at high rates, hoping to see a big prize!

- 2015-12-01

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