Certain Names are Lucky when it comes to the lottery
Many people hope there is some type of trick or aspect to the lottery that will make them win. We all know it is a game of chance but the National Lottery recently conducted a figure study which shows that certain names are apparently luckier than others.

The National Lottery has shown that the names John and Margaret are lucky when it comes to winning a lottery prize. these names are the luckiest for a lottery win. After John the names David, Michael and Peter are the ones who will most likely win a prize.

The womenís names right after Margaret is: Susan, Patricia and Mary. So it seems that if you have one of the lucky names you might want to get started buying lottery tickets! the top ten menís names among big winners are: John, David, Michael, Peter, Robert, James, Paul, William and Stephen. The top ten womenís names are: Margaret, Susan, Patricia, Mary, Christine, Elizabeth, Jean, Janet, Linda and Karen.

- 2010-04-15

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