Elderly Friends win $1 million jackpot
Eula Webb and Sam Crecci are great friends. Both of New York, the duo ages 75 and 80 respectively like to do things together. Webb says she likes to keep her friend active so when she needed to go to the store recently she asked Crecci to join her. The trip turned out to be a good idea because they ended up winning a $1 million lottery prize!

The friends visited the Associated Supermarket and purchased the mile as well as two lottery tickets, one for each of them. Webb scratched her ticket and found she had won nothing but Crecci scratched his and he had won $1 million!

The friends had always had an agreement which was that they would always buy lottery tickets together and share any prizes they won. So when Crecci scratched the ticket and found he had won $1 million he was ready to split it with his friend.

Both Crecci and Webb are retired and both are looking forward to their winnings. Crecci was asked by a reporter if he ever thought of keeping the ticket for himself and not telling his friend and he said no without any hesitation.

Both Crecci and Webb were not very comfortable in front of the cameras when a press conference was held in honor of their win. Once they were done with their interview they quickly exited out the door.

The friends are the second winners of the Empire State Millionaire jackpot. The game just started in March and the first winner came from Orange County back in March. The odds of winning the Empire State Millionaire jackpot is just one in 2.6 million but with two big wins in just two months players are surely going to continue to test their luck in the hopes that they will be the next big winner!

- 2011-04-22

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