Florida Powerball Winner Earns over $73 Million
This past Friday it was announce by the Florida Lottery that one lucky woman had won over $73 million dollars. Elizabeth Choras-Hanna came forward after three weeks of winning the large jackpot to claim her prize.

The drawing was held on July 10th and Choras-Hanna claimed the prize as a onetime payment. She will take home just over $38 million dollars. The winner stated that she will be sharing her new found wealth with her twin sister Alexandra and brother-in-law.

The lucky winner purchased the winning ticket at a Publix supermarket in Royal Palm Beach. The Publix store will now earn $40,000 since the winning ticket was sold at their store. All six numbers were matched on the ticket to create the big win. Elizabeth chose 20, 21, 27, 28, 56 and a Powerball of 4 to claim the prize.

"We always go grocery shopping at Publix together and before we leave we buy one FLORIDA LOTTO and one POWERBALL Quick Pick ticket," Elizabeth said. "Alexandra's husband was out of town so we decided to pick out a DVD from the movie rental box and while we were waiting for the movie I went to buy the tickets. The next day I went to another Publix and had them check my tickets and discovered our ticket was the jackpot-winner."

- 2010-08-02

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