Gas Station announces big winner from Kalamazoo
A Michigan gas station recently announced that the winner of the $36 million lottery drawing is from Kalamazoo. Lottery officials know that the winner of the big prize purchased their ticket from the CITGO One Stop Mart as the owner Kaushik Patel announced the news. The winning ticket was sold last week for the multistate game drawing.

The man has not been identified but according to Patel he is a regular customer. The man came in on Saturday the day after the drawing to check his tickets. the machine did not work correctly so the man went home and checked online to find that his numbers matched the winning numbers and he was the big winner!

Patel stated that the lucky winner called the store to tell them that he had won and that they had won as well. Patel stated it was good for the store as more people will buy tickets from them and they will earn more business.

According to a lottery spokeswoman, the winner of the $36 million prize has yet to contact the state office. The winner will have to schedule an appointment with officials of the lottery in Lansing and they must confirm that he has the winning ticket and then he will be able to collect his winnings.

- 2010-06-21

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