Increase Your Chance of Winning the UK National Lottery
In the UK you can actually increase your chances up to 1 in 13 for winning the UK National Lottery by using Virtual World Direct e-Lottery ‘Multi-Win’ Syndicate. You can also increase your chances for the EuroMillions to 1 in 10. They use strict mathematical patterns to determine their results.

In the UK National Lottery you have to match six numbers, but if you place your numbers through Virtual World Direct e-Lottery ‘Multi-Win’ Syndicate they will guarantee that one of your numbers will match leaving you with only having to come up with 5 winning numbers. The EuroMillions works much in the same way guaranteeing that you will match 2 of the Lucky Star numbers.

Sveinn Johansson, executive affiliate for e-Lottery says, “Playing as part of a syndicate benefits all members of that syndicate, the syndicate system of playing lotteries spreads the risk among all the members, effectively diluting it. While the benefits are also spread out among the members, over the time this proves to be an extremely successful strategy for playing the lottery.”

The Virtual World Direct e-Lottery ‘Multi-Win’ Syndicate was formed in 2002 by Tom Brodie and Len Fitzgerald. Since its inception it has helped 3,040 lucky players win over a half a million pounds in 127 countries.

- 2007-11-02

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