Iowa Family wins $1 million Powerball prize
Stay at home mom Mary Tillman was shocked to find that her family had won $1 million dollars after playing the Powerball lottery. Tillman purchased her ticket at a local Casey’s store and couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized the large amount they had won.

Tillman, with her husband and three children, was awarded her prize this past Wednesday and she couldn’t be happier. The family arrived at the Iowa Lottery headquarters which is located in Des Moines to claim their large prize.

Tillman won the Powerball April 30th drawing and had decided to wait to claim the ticket until she was finished planning out financial decisions. The family kept the ticket safe by placing it in a safety deposit box.

The family was very careful not to tell too many people about the win. Tillman told her mother in law and her mother in law advised her to sign the ticket. Tillman also went to the store to verify the win but she told the clerk she would not be cashing in her ticket that day. The family wanted to make sure they had their personal life in order before they announced they were the winners.

The family received a check for $700,000 after $250,000 was paid in federal taxes and $50,000 was paid in state taxes. The family is going to use some of the money to fix their garage roof which is currently leaking. They also want to buy a new car. However the rest of the money will be invested after they speak with their newly appointed financial advisor.

- 2011-06-10

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