Iowa Plant Workers Earn $241 Million Jackpot
A group of plant workers in the state of Iowa are celebrating as they are the recent winners of a large $241 million lottery prize. The win was the largest in the state’s history and the group of players could not be happier!

The group works at the Quaker Oats plant and has twenty members. Eighteen of the twenty players showed up to lottery headquarters in Iowa to claim the large lottery prize. The group decided they wanted to remain private so they told lottery officials that they would be going to court to get an injunction so that their names will not be released.

The lottery verified the winning ticket which was sold on the 13th of June. The group chose to take the lump-sum option which made the prize decrease to $160.3 million. The group was comprised of 18 men and 2 women, all of which work in the shipping department at Quaker Oats. Each person will earn around $5.6 million after taxes are withdrawn.

The group has formed a trust titled Shipping 20 and the group would like to remain private. The Iowa lottery has an Open Records law which means winners are not kept private. However, the recent lottery winners want to remain private since they won such a large lottery prize.

The ticket purchaser has identified himself by the name of Al and he told lottery officials that the group is afraid that they will have people knocking on their door after their identities are revealed. Iowa Lottery CEO, Terry Rich, commented on the win by stating:

“It is our position that they should be made public, and we’re giving them what we believed is rights under the Iowa Code to have the chance to go to court and cite something different. But we don’t need to go to court because we believe it is open.”

- 2012-06-22

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