Iowa Women win large lottery prize
Every one dreams of winning the lottery and for two women from Iowa that dream has come true. Two women from Davenport, Iowa have won tens of thousands each by playing the state’s lottery game. The women played the instant scratch off game and won $30,000 each.

The first winner was Kimberly Bennett who bought her ticket at the Big 10 Mart in Davenport. The second winning was Tonnette Harris who bought her ticket at the Ram Food and Gas in Davenport. The instant lottery game is called a Crossword and it costs just $3 to play.

So both ladies paid just $3 to earn the $30,000 prize. The large prize is the top amount that the game pays out. The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 3.82. So both ladies beat the odds and managed to win a large prize from the lottery.

The Crossword lottery is still offering up fifty six prizes of $30,000 each and eighty seven prizes of $3,000 are still up for grabs as well. Over a thousand players can still win $300 and almost six thousand prizes of $100 are still available.

- 2010-04-23

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