Kentucky Lottery looking for winner
Most times when a player wins the lottery they claim their prize within a few days of winning. Players want to hurry up and claim their prize so they can start enjoying their winnings. However there are also many times when players do not know they have won a prize. Many people forget to check their tickets or throw them away by accident and a prize goes unclaimed. Currently the Kentucky Lottery is looking for a winner of a $52,000 prize.

The winner bought the winning ticket of the Win for Life lottery which offered a $52,000 prize. The ticket will expire in just four days so the winner has very little time left to claim the prize. The drawing of the winning ticket took place on August 28th of 2010 and the ticket was sold in Taylorsville at the Community Market.

The winning numbers were 1-3-7-17-30-32 with a Free Ball of 35. Players must match all numbers to win the top prize of $52,000. To win the second prize players need to match five of the six numbers as well as the free ball on the same line. The winner of this prize was able to match all of the numbers to win the top prize.

The lottery is asking that the winner come forward and bring the winning ticket to the Kentucky Lottery Corporate Office which is located in Louisville. The ticket will expire as of five in the evening on the 24th of February. If the winner does not come forward to claim the $52,000 prize then the money will be placed in a reserve fund. The money in the reserve fund goes toward the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship.

- 2011-02-21

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