Lottery Numbers Drawn Twice in Nebraska State Lottery
It is an amazing thing when a lottery player’s numbers match up because not everyone wins the lottery and the chances of winning are slim. The odds of what happened this past week in the Nebraska Lottery is just about impossible and most likely will never happen again. In a two day period the same three numbers were drawn in the Nebraska Pick 3 Lottery. The lottery computer produced the same numbers on Monday night and again on Tuesday night.

The numbers drawn were 1, 9 and 6 in that order and then on Tuesday the machine chose the same numbers in the same order. It has been estimated that the odds of the occurring is a one in a million chance. So I guess this was that one time.

Several people were able to cash in on the winning numbers. Brian Rockey the Lottery spokesman stated that one person claimed a top prize of $600 on Monday and on Tuesday there were three people winning the $600 prize.

- 2009-01-23

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