Lottery Win Didn't Mean Celebration
Usually with a big lottery win there is a lot of celebration but not for Donna Campbell of Miami, Florida who is a former beauty queen. It seems that her husband of 5 years, Arnim Ramdass neglected to tell Campbell about his winning share in the $19 million lottery jackpot this summer.

Ramdass did start acting a little strange starting in July, Campbell says, ''He kept the televisions off and disconnected the phone line. He didn't want anyone calling and talking about the lottery.'' Now Campbell is suing her husband for her share of the winnings.

For years Ramdass, an American Airlines mechanic at Miami International Airport, and his coworkers pooled their money to buy Lotto tickets every week. This summer proved lucky for the 17 mechanics and they split the $19 million each getting $600,000 before taxes.

Donna Campbell knew nothing about it, at first Ramdass stopped watching TV and disconnected the phone, Campbell grew suspicious when a letter arrived for her husband congratulating him on his new home purchase. She went to her computer and did a search and found out about his lotto jackpot. When Campbell confronted her husband he claimed the ticket was for his 24-year-old daughter in Orlando. But after the confrontation it seems that Ramdass has gone missing. He took a leave of absence from American Airlines and his wife has not seen him since. Process servers have not been able to locate him either.

''Here's a guy who for years has spent marital money on the lottery and at casinos, and he's always lost,'' said Bruce Baldwin, Campbell's attorney. ``And now he finally wins, and he's trying to keep it from his wife. That's pretty low.''

- 2007-11-19

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