Lottery winnerís assailant sentenced to prison
Eric Hawkinson won over $100,000 in 2009 which is an extraordinary feat but what makes the win bittersweet is that he was shot by a friend after the win. Hawkinson was shot by Carmine Palella four times when Palella showed up at his residence trying to take his winnings. Palella's has now been sentenced to twelve years in prison.

Hawkinson was shocked that his friend of many years would attempt to murder him over money. Hawkinson had collected his winnings back in 2009 and Palella called him on the phone to discuss the win. It was a few days later that two men in masks came to Hawkinsonís home and broke down his door. They then started shooting and hit Hawkinson four times, one of which was near his heart.

Palella had been waiting in a car outside of the home while Robert English and another man went inside the home and did the shooting. English ran out of the home with the money and it was not until months later that the men were found to be the criminals involved.

Hawkinson has since recovered from the shooting and has spent the bulk of his winnings for security for his home. There were bullet holes all over his home which had to be fixed. Palella now will have to spend a good bit of time in jail but English will spend even more time in jail. He is going to be in jail for twenty three years on charges of aggravated battery, home invasion and attempted murder. Palella got a lesser sentence because he was the driver and he got a plea deal.

- 2011-04-06

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