Major Lottery Winner Earns Prize Seven Years After The Win
Robert Miles of New York State won a $5 million lottery prize but was tricked out of his winnings by the employees of a convenience store. The rightful winner is now going to earn the large prize seven years after it took place in 2006.

Miles purchased the winning lottery ticket in the fall of 2006 and the employees of the store, were the owners sons, Andy and Nayel Ashkar. The two brothers decided to tell the winner the ticket was worth only $5,000 and then paid him $4,000. The brothers then waited several years to claim the prize. The brothers came forward in 2012 and this length of time caused pause in lottery officials who launched an investigation.

Miles soon came forward and stated that he was addicted to drugs at the time of the ticket purchase and was confused as to what actually happened. The case actually went to trial and Andy was sentenced to as many as twenty five years in prison for stealing the ticket. His brother was cleared of conspiracy charges in the case but
Andy was then found guilty of stolen property possession.

Miles now has rights to the prize that is rightfully his. Originally the winning ticket was worth $5 million and was from the Extravaganza, a scratch-off lottery style game. This prize would have been paid out in annual payments in 2006 but since the lottery has made changes this year, Miles was able to choose if he would like the annual payment or a lump sum. One would imagine that the lucky winner will now claim the lump sum for the prize so he can have access to a larger amount of cash at one time.

- 2013-08-30

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