Maryland man claims winning lottery ticket on birthday
The Maryland lottery just announced that a big winner has finally come forward to claim his prize. Shawn Niedomanski won the $200,000 Powerball jackpot prize just two weeks ago and waited to claim his prize so he could celebrate his birthday in style.

The lucky winner showed up at lottery headquarters this past Friday to claim his prize in Baltimore. Shan had his wife, nephew and brother in tow when he came to claim his prize. A few friends decided to tag along as well.

The winner was very happy to win $200,000 but stated it was not enough to quit his job. Shawn stated: “It’s like it’s never happened. I still got my job, and all I’m doing is paying off bills. Of course. I don’t end up with $200,000. Uncle Sam’s got to get his share.” The winner will earn $131,000 after taxes are taken out.

Commenting on the win and purchasing the ticket at 3:59pm, Shawn stated: “That’s how I kind of knew I could be a winner, because I was in that store around that time. I had won $2 on Keno so I told the clerk to give me two Powerball tickets. The clerk said, ‘No, Mega Millions is tonight’ but I told her, ‘No I want Powerball.”

After the drawing took place Shawn’s friend told him that the second tier prize had been won at Green Valley Wine & Spirits, which was where he had purchased his ticket. Once he checked his ticket, he knew he had won the large prize. Shawn is the 12th player to win the $200,000 Powerball prize winner this year for the state of Maryland.

- 2011-11-23

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