Michigan Lottery Winners cash frozen due to murder suspicion
Freddie Youth won a multimillion dollar lottery prize back in February along with other members of his lottery club and now has seen his part of the winnings frozen. Sixty two year old Youth is suspected of murder and a judge in Wayne county Michigan has now frozen his assets.

Young has been charged with first degree premeditated murder after the shooting death of his daughters land lord. The two supposedly got into an argument over rent and Young shot forty five year old Greg McNicol.

The circuit judge in the case, Brian Sullivan, posted a temporary restraining order on Young which prevented him from doing anything with the money he had won. The widow of McNicol filed a lawsuit on behalf of her deceased husband and this is why the judge decided to keep Young from his funds.

Young supposedly shot McNicol on May 7th and he was put in jail on this day. A hearing is now set for June 28th to see if the freeze on Young’s assets should be extended or if it will change to a permanent freeze.

Young has just over $1.5 million dollars after the lottery group he was part of took a payoff instead of the yearly plan. The freeze has been put in place because apparently the widow is going to sue Young and if there was no freeze in place he could do away with the money and not be able to pay if the widow won the lawsuit.

- 2011-06-08

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