Misprint leads couple to believe they won multi-millions in lottery
Every lottery player believes the numbers that they see, whether it be on television, in print or at the store, are the real numbers. And most of the case this is true but a Colorado couple recently found out that the winning numbers they thought they had were actually not the winning numbers.

Jim and Dorothy Sprague read the Colorado lottery numbers in their local newspaper and was shocked and so happy to see that they had won millions of dollars. However the couple soon found out that the numbers were a misprint and they had not won any money.

The couple had called their children and was so excited but they soon found out that the newspaper had printed Friday’s numbers instead of Saturday’s numbers. Most people would be angry, upset and in plain disbelief. However the couple seems to be taking the news well.

The newspaper has since printed a retraction calling the error a ‘misinformation and an oversight’. Jim Sprague commented: “it was a case of going from rags to riches and back to rags again.” The couple has stated they are happy to leave the matter alone and they say they will continue to play the lottery and will hopefully hit it big time one of these days.

This has to be one of the worst instances to happen to a lottery player. It would be horrible to think you have won millions of dollars only to be mistaken. The couple seem to be taking the mistake well, however many would be taking legal action against the newspaper for the error.

- 2011-04-13

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