Missed Bus Results in $1 million Slot Win
It is amazing to see just how small decisions can be the turning point in a gambler’s life. Some of the most interesting jackpot wins come from the silliest of circumstances. From purchasing a lottery ticket on a whim to using a special coin to play the slots, any small decision can result in a major jackpot win. Just recently a lady from Toronto ended up winning just over $1 million by playing a slot game after missing a bus to Niagara.

Casilda Pouk was planning on going with her family to Casino Rama in an area north of Toronto. She missed the first casino bus to the facility. Once she arrived, she simply spent $5 on a nickel slot machine to end up winning $1.03 million!

Pouk could not believe her luck and still seems to be in shock over the win. She wants her husband to now have the car of his dreams and life will now be just a little bit easier. Pouk had only around $200 to play the games at the casino and she had lost most of her money when she sat down at the nickel slot to play just $5 to win the big prize.

Back in 1991, Pouk came to Canada to begin a job as a nanny and then after several jobs, began to work as a cashier at a local McDonald’s. She still works at the same restaurant after 15 years and plans on continuing to work even after the win. All this time, Pouk has supported her family in the Philippines and will be able to use the windfall to continue to support her family. The win could not come at a better time and will allow Pouk to support her own family as well as extended members who live so far away.

- 2015-02-15

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