MLB Player Tricked with Lottery Scam
Everyone plays the lottery, even sports players. When the jackpots begin to rise, most anyone will purchase a lottery ticket in the hopes of earning the top prize. Players want to become instant millionaires and never have to work again or at least have the cash to do as they please. A major league baseball player recently became the victim of a lottery scam after a fellow player decided to fool his teammate.

Wade Miley plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks and he likes to purchase lottery tickets on a regular basis. The left-hander goes to the clubhouse and takes scratch off tickets and sees if he is a big winner with his coach Peter Crone. His teammates know of his obsession with lottery tickets and they recently decided to pull a prank on their fellow player. JJ Putz and Crone wanted to try and prank Miley and they recently were able to.

A fake lottery ticket was purchased from the novelty store Spencers and the fake ticket was mixed in with the real tickets for Miley. He got the fake ticket and thought he had won $10,000. Miley freaked out and got extremely excited and was celebrating for a just a bit before his teammates decided to let him in on the secret

Miley realized that had been joked on when there were so many teammates were in the clubhouse. Miley was videoed and the recording was given to the MLB Network so everyone else could be in on the fun. Miley understands now that he was stood up and that the world can see now how he was tricked. The player is sure to continue to his regular lottery ticket habit but will most likely stay away from scratching tickets from his teammates!

- 2013-08-20

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