New Multi-State Lottery To Launch in US
In most states across the US, you can enjoy competing in some type of lottery. There are individual state lottery games as well as multi-state lottery games. States that offer such games allow you to purchase tickets and either scratch the card to see if you earned a win or hope you earn the same numbers drawn to win the jackpot prize. Just recently, it was announced that a new lottery will be launching this month which will be a multi-state option.

In the state of New York has their own separate lottery as well as in Florida. These states will now join forces with others, including North Dakota, Kentucky, Texas, Maine and many more to offer a new game across state lines.

The new game is titled Monopoly Millionares’ Club and will feature a weekly drawing. This drawing will take place on Fridays at 11:15 pm and will take place in Eastern Time. Players who hit the right numbers will be able to win the top prize which is worth $15 million and then 10 smaller prizes are also available, which are worth $1 million each.

The new multi-state option will also feature a game show titled Monopoly Millionaires Club which will be televised nationally. The show will air beginning in February and will allow the audience and players being those who registered their tickets online. The new game was created to offer players a new experience when it comes to lottery gaming.

Carolyn Hapeman is a spokeswoman for the New York Gaming Commission who stated that players are constantly looking for something different when it comes to lottery games. Any product must evolve so the lottery decided to create jackpot games that have evolved into something new for players to enjoy. The new game should be a great success, especially considering the new game show associated with the gaming option.

- 2014-10-14

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