New York Lottery Winners earn checks at Halloween Party
The New York Lottery recently held a special Halloween party to be able to reward the recent lottery winners with their large lottery checks. Eight winners of the New York lottery were invited to a special Halloween party and over $23.5 million in jackpot money were handed out to the lucky players.

Each player dressed up for the special occasion and each received a check with their winning amount listed on the check. Clayton Wint age fifty one was one of the lucky winners who earned almost $1 million. Wint wore a top hat and bunny ears when he accepted his check.

Gina Ruisi, a stay at home mom, earned an even larger prize of $9.5 million. Ruisi decided to come to the party dressed as Snooki from The Jersey Shore television show. Jasmine Jones was another big winner, who accepted her $3 million check dressed in a rainbow hat.

Karen Dennis, age 68 of Staten Island, won another large prize. Dennis was able to receive a check of $5 million from the Set for Life scratch game. Jei Pierre was another big winner who earned $1,000 a week for life after playing the game of the same name.

Andrea Wurthmann was another big winner who earned a one million dollar cash prize after playing the Cashward game. Patricia Manzitto and her husband Salvatore earned a large prize as well after playing the Make Me Rich game. The happy couple earned a prize of $3 million.

The Halloween party was a great success as everyone in attendance had a great time. Happy faces were seen as everyone received their check and were able to share their happiness with others!

- 2011-11-02

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