New Yorker Wins $7.5 Million Lottery Ticket
The lottery is a game that will no never go out of style. Players want to win a huge prize so they continue to purchase lottery tickets and play the games in the hopes of being the next player to take down a lottery jackpot. In New York State, a player recently earned a $7.5 million lottery prize after winning the Silver Spectacular game.

The winner, Raymond Salada, played the game and could not believe he scratched off a major win. The prize was earned on August 13th when Salada was going home from work. He is now much richer and will earn almost $5 million after taking the lump sum payment after taxes.

Salada let his wife know of the win by telling her that things were gonna change. She did not know how and he said by winning the $7 million lottery. His wife still did not believe him until they went to the Buffalo Customer Service Center and certified the win.

The winner has now met with financial advisors so he can make plans for the money. He will be investing some, helping his children and pay off student loans as well as purchase a new home for his daughter. He is still in somewhat of a shock over the win and is trying to proceed with caution. With the amount of money won, it is hard to process. He does not want to be a lottery winner who is broke in a few years.

With the win, Salada becomes the 108th player to have earned a lottery prize in New York worth over $1 million. It seems to me we all need to take a trip to New York to play the lottery! It will be interesting to see how much the next big winner from the state is able to earn!

- 2014-09-23

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