North Carolina Man Claims Large Lottery Prize
Across the globe, the lottery is being played on a daily basis. From Powerball to Mega Millions, players have several choices for earning lottery wins. Some players will use the scratch cards for a quick game while others rely on lottery drawings for the big jackpot prizes. Either way, players will commit to playing the lottery on a regular basis in the hopes of becoming the next big winner.

When playing the lottery, the winner has a certain time frame in which the winning ticket must be claimed. In most cases, the time frame is 180 days from the drawing. In that time frame, the player must present the winning lottery ticket to officials and then they will be awarded their prize. However, many times players will lose their lottery ticket, either throwing it in the trash or forgetting about it. Millions of dollars are thrown away all the time as players neglect to follow through with lottery tickets.

In North Carolina, a local grocery store employee, was announced as the latest winner of the state’s Education Lottery jackpot game. The player, Austin Bradshaw, played the Carolina Cash 5 Game just last week and managed to match all five numbers drawn. This means he will earn the top jackpot worth $269,000. After taxes, the prize goes down to $186,000 but still an amazing win for the young man.

The winning ticket was purchased at the 4 Brothers in Clemmons and the winner plans on using the funds for a little fun as well as planning. He will be taking the money and heading to Las Vegas for a fun trip, but use the majority to put up for the future. It is amazing what you can do with newfound wealth that comes from lottery gaming and now Bradshaw will be able to enjoy himself and plan for the future with a little more help.

- 2014-08-26

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