North Carolina Man Wins Million Dollar Prize
The Mega Millions lottery had a drawing recently and long time lottery player Kenneth Barbee is the happy one million dollar winner. Barbee has played the same numbers each time he has played the lottery and they have finally paid off.

Barbee bought his ticket at the Food Lion and played his usual numbers. The numbers Barbee likes are 5, 14, 17, 19, 24 and 25. The first five numbers matched the white balls and he missed the Mega Ball number. Fortunately Barbee had mega played the ticket so it made the prize go up to one million dollars.

Tom Shaheen the executive director of the North Carolina Education Lottery commented in a news release: "The chance to offer North Carolina players two big jackpots a week was one of the reasons we started Mega Millions this year. We thought the excitement of those jackpots would make the games more fun, increase sales and help raise more money for education."

After taxes were taken out Barbee earned a payout of $680,000.64 and plans on using the money to pay bills, go on vacation with his wife and then fix up their family home.

- 2010-06-07

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