Ohio Lottery Winner Under Suspicion After Multiple Lottery Wins
Winning the lottery is not a common occurrence. No matter how many times you play, it is very unlikely that you will win a massive prize, much less more than one large prize. However, there are players who seem to be defying the norm and winning several lottery prizes. Multiple lottery prizes in Ohio have led to suspicion and an investigation to see if any shenanigans are going on with the state lottery.

Lottery winners in the state have been able to claim prizes in the hundreds for years and some of the wins have taken place over short spans of time which have lottery officials checking in on the game play. Investigators have the ability to track multiple winners to see if retailers may be stealing prizes or if their employees are cashing in tickets.

Every prize that was worth more than $600 was examined by a newspaper back to the 1970s and it was found that 13 players have claimed at least 100 prizes each which is quite uncommon. The findings also showed that a player from Ohio claimed over 300 prizes over the past six years. The total amount of prizes claimed is over $800,000 and currently under investigation.

The most common form of lottery abuse is when a retailer or employee of the retailer steals a ticket and takes the earnings for themselves. Employees have also been known to take winning tickets from customers claiming them for their own instead of telling the player the ticket is a winner. Any retailer who is found to be discounting tickets or stealing tickets can face losing the ability to sell lottery tickets and possibly jail time for stealing lottery funds. Any retailer who is selling lottery tickets must adhere to all the rules to make sure they do not face punishment for acting against the regulation of the lottery.

- 2014-09-17

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