Ohio Man Wins Major Lottery Prize
Across the United States, there are many different ways in which to play the lottery. From scratch cards to drawings, the games are offered in several states across the US that gives players the opportunity to win millions in cash prizes. Players can spend as little as they wish or dig deep to purchase multiple lottery tickets to earn even more great lottery prizes. In the state of Ohio, players have several options for playing the lottery, including the new 40th Anniversary Millions.

With the new Anniversary game, players have the option to become an instant millionaire, which can certainly help you start a brand new lifestyle. Just recently, a gambler by the name of Robert Hall was able to win a huge lottery prize by playing the game. Hall lives in Mason and won the $1 million prize with the instant lottery game.

The prize can be claimed in a lump sum or an annuity payment. Hall decided to choose the annuity payments and will receive $28,000 every year for the next twenty five years. This amount was determined after taxes from the state and federal level are taken out. Players must pay for every amount given by the lottery and since he is taking the monthly payments, Hall must pay every time he receives a check.

The lucky player decided to take the sum in payments so he can help to pay the college tuition for his two sons who will be starting college. The winning ticket was purchased at a local gas station and players are sure to visit the gas station in the hopes to try and become the next big winner. Players continue to play the lottery on a regular basis in the hopes of becoming a big winner like Hall.

- 2014-10-10

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