Pennsylvania lottery looking for $1 million winner
The Pennsylvania lottery has announced that one lucky lottery ticket holder is now $1 million richer and they are wondering who it might be. The lottery announced that a Powerball ticket worth over $1 million was purchased in Northtowne Plaza in East Norriton at the Smoking’s cigar shop.

The cigar shop, owned by Sun and Jerry Lee, has handed out a nice prize before and this win makes the second one in less than one year! Sun stated she is so excited for the customer, whoever it may be. She went on to state that the win is such a surprise since it just happened a few months ago.

The store will most likely earn a $5,000 bonus, since that is the amount they earned last time for selling a winning ticket. Now the stores, as well as lottery officials are hoping that the lucky winner will come forward soon.

The lottery has stated that the winner should sign the back of the ticket to claim it as their own. Then the ticket holder should contact the lottery office and file a claim. The claim will need to be filed at the lottery headquarters or at seven of the area offices.

Once the person comes forward their identity will most likely be announced. It is always interesting to see who the lucky winners are and to find out how they plan on using their new found riches!

- 2012-04-18

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