Powerball Winner Wants to Remain out of the spotlight
Sandra McNeil is the latest winner of the Powerball jackpot which is available nationwide in the United States. Last Friday the New Jersey Lottery announced McNeil as the winner of the $211.7 million jackpot. McNeil has stated she wants to stay out of the spotlight and has declined a check presentation or press conference.

McNeil purchased the ticket at a Morris Plains convenience store and decided to take the lump sum payment which is $101.6 million before taxes. "I give God all the glory for this blessing that he has given to me. He has seen and knows the highs and lows of my life, and knows the good I have done, and the good I hope I can continue to accomplish in his name," McNeil said.

"I plan to follow his direction in every step of the way, devoting time to the things in the community that have always held my passion, making sure that my children are comfortable and can continue their education, completing that dream for myself and living my life as he has intended."

The winning ticket was sold at Rudrakant Joshi’a store called Gene’s in Morris Plains. It was the largest ticket ever sold at the store and they earned $10,000 for selling the winning ticket. Joshi decided to donate the winnings to a Hindu temple in Lake Hiawatha.

- 2010-04-19

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