Record Number of Winners in Florida Lottery
The lottery is a popular pastime in the state of Florida as millions of players enjoy the game on a regular basis. The lottery produces large lottery prizes on a regular basis and just a short time ago, the state lottery announced that a record was set with the last drawing.

This past Tuesday, the lottery Fantasy Five game pulled the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. At least 98 players won the prize which was worth almost $200,000. This is the largest amount of winners in one game in the state since 2001!

The combination of numbers was quite odd and apparently quite a few people decided to play these numbers. The record win was amazing as the numbers are odd and not divisible by two. Professor of statistics at Florida International University, Dr. Sneh Gulati commented on the win by stating:

“In Fantasy Five, you’re picking five out of 36 numbers, which leads to 376,992 possible combinations. It doesn’t matter what combination you pick, your chances are just a small.”

Shelly Safford, a spokesperson for the lottery, spoke with the Palm Beach Post on the subject of the win and stated: “Any time all of the winning numbers come up and they’re below 31, you’re going to see a lot of winners because people tend to play birthdays, anniversaries, dates that are significant to them.”

The winners of the drawing will now earn just under $2,000 each with the win. If only one player had won the jackpot prize, then the player would have earned the entire prize, save from taxes. The odds of this occurring are very slim and it will probably be a long time before the Florida record will be broken!

- 2012-08-29

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