Records Set by North Carolina Lottery
With millions of people purchasing lottery tickets on a daily basis, it is no surprise that records are set. Whether it be from ticket sales, the amount won, or the amount contributed to state programs, lottery sales are constantly rising and setting new records. The North Carolina Lottery recently set records for their sales as well as contributions for 2012. Not only has the lottery set records in the lottery industry but they have also made over thirty people instant millionaires!

According to officials of the lottery in North Carolina, the state saw their ticket sales rise for the sixth consecutive year. The sales reached $1.59 billion which is an increase of almost ten percent. The lottery funds education in the state and the contributions were also a record for the amount turned over to the tune of $456.7 million!

The lottery was also able to reward their players with large cash prizes. one family, from Greenville, was able to win $57 million from a Mega Millions Jackpot. Three players won $4 million playing the instant game option while twenty players earned $1 million or more playing the very same games.

Some players won by playing the Powerball while others won by playing the Mega Millions option. Players are purchasing tickets in record numbers and they show no signs of slowing down. Players will continue to purchase lottery tickets as long as they are available, so the state may continue to see an increase in sales as well as their contributions to the education fund in the state.

- 2012-07-30

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