Residents of Same California County Win Large Lottery Prize
During a one week time period, two residents of Alameda County in the state of California have won a nice lottery prize. One of the players was extremely lucky and earned a lottery prize of $2 million from the Set for Life game.

Leona Starman is the lucky $2 million winner. Starman visited a local Quik Stop to buy milk as a necessity as she normally does not stop at this store. She also decided to purchase two of the Set for Life Scratchers tickets and the decision paid off with $2 million!

Starman is a retired sheet metal worker and she could not believe her eyes when the word LIFE popped up on her ticket. She dint know what it meant but she figured it was good so she signed the ticket right away. The lucky winner plans on putting a new roof on her home, a new lawn and a few other household redo’s.

Starman was asked if she would take a vacation with the money and she said if she did it would not involve flying, as she does not fly. Robert Czerwinski was also another player who earned a big win in the same county.

The lucky winner purchased a Mega Millions ticket from a local market and was able to match five of the six numbers to win just over $240,000. The lucky winner claimed his prize just a few days ago. The player was able to match 36, 23, 3, 16 and 35 but was unable to match the Mega number of 20.

These wins are just the reason why players continue to play the lottery. Players love the chance to win a nice jackpot and they will continue to gamble in the hopes that they will be the next big winner!

- 2012-07-06

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