Scratch2Cash Big Winner
Scratch2Cash is one of the few online scratch lottery sites and recently one lucky person won big at their scratch off lottery sight, leaving the site with 200,000 Euros, this is one of the largest wins so far in an online scratch card.

Gisele L a resident of France visited Scractch2Cash and playing her favorite scratch card won this prize of 200,000 Euros, she has since stated she did not know she was going to win such an amount. She went on to say she would use the money to build a home in a remote location.

The Scratch2Cash online site offers their players over twenty scratch lottery games that the site states are easy and fun to play and do not require any type of downloads. What the site does have is scratch offs where players can win up to 200,000 in their currency.

The Scratch2Cash is one of the few sites that offer this type of online lottery scratch offs and are growing daily with new players and offer this large a prize.

Some of the games they offer are bowling, slot pyramid, roulette, mega safe and lucky diamonds to name a few of the more than twenty that can be played on the site.

- 2007-11-09

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