Siblings fighting over large lottery prize
Sam Haddad and Mike Dettorre have been friends for decades. During the time of their friendship they would purchase lottery tickets together many times. In 2008 the two had purchased a lottery ticket that was worth $32 million. After the win, Haddad’s sister decided she was due some of the lottery money so the three people are now in court fighting over the lottery winnings.

The friends would buy lottery tickets over years and put them in Dettore’s mirror at the barber shop he worked at. The friends have purchased thousands of lottery tickets over the years so when they went to collect their winnings in Ontario the duo brought bags full of old lottery tickets to dance in as they got their check.

When the two men went to collect their winnings they brought along their immediate family as well as extended family which included Haddad’s sister Leila Nahas. It was about thirty five people who traveled to Ontario to celebrate and many of the family members received money from the lucky winners.

That is where the happy part of the story stops. The three people are now in court because they are fighting over who paid for the ticket. Nahas said she paid one dollar toward the ticket. She stated that Haddad came to her store before the drawing and stated that he and Dettore were going to play the lottery. She asked to split the cost of the ticket with her brother and he agreed, according to her.

Nahas stated that when she found out her brother had won she assumed it was from a different ticket. However two months later Nahas found a piece of paper with the winning numbers in her wallet and she realized it was the same winning numbers that her brother had played to win the multimillion dollar prize.

She then decided she was due one third of the money and decided to fight for it. The brother and sister then began to fight over the money. Haddad denies his sisters claims and he said there was no agreement. Haddad wants the case dismissed and for his sister to pay his legal costs and Dettorre is not par t of the legal fight however he could lose some of his winnings if the sister gets her way.

- 2011-05-02

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