Six People Arrested in Illegal Lottery Scam
And illegal lottery scam was taking place in the San Pablo and Richmond area for some time now and now police has arrested six people who were involved in the scam. The suspects were making their own tickets to sell to customers and then using the numbers from the California Lottery to determine who won.

California Lottery Officials stated that the suspects were using the numbers from the Daily 3 game. Evidence was gathered in the case as authorities visited four different retail stores in the affected areas. The authorities have been conducting their investigation since May.

Joan Borucki the lottery director of California commented: "We warn all of our customers to avoid playing in any underground lottery. These schemes can confuse our customers and detract from our mission, which is to maximize supplemental funding for education."

Many officials of the state were working together on the case. The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the Contra Costa county district attorney, sheriff’s office, the state department of justice, the San Pablo Police Department and the California Lottery’s Security and Law Enforcement Division.

- 2010-06-11

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