Store Owner Charged with Stealin Multi-Million Lottery Ticket
In the latest Canadian lottery scandal, a former convenience store owner has been charged with fraud and theft for allegedly claiming a multi-million-dollar lottery jackpot his customers won.

He is not alone as four store owners or their employees are under investigation in Ontario for the same offense. The investigation began when the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. was accused of ignoring retailers fraud who they thought were winning to many prizes.

Hafiz Malik has been accused of claiming $5.6 million in January 2005 bought by four Toronto residents. They claim Malik stole the tickets after they asked him to validate it.
Detective Bob Goodall said, "Four rightful owners were deprived of a lottery win that would have changed their lives."

Teresa Roncon, spokesperson for the Ontario Lottery Corporation said not only will the four victims get their money but also $900,000 in interest.

Roncon said, "We are paying out these winners today."

Malik, released from jail on bail told reporters, I don't have anything for you."

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. has taken steps to try and solve this problem. They have installed self-serve ticket checker and next year players will have to sign their lottery tickets before cashing them and retailers will have background checks run on them.

- 2007-12-20

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