Texas Lottery Players Looking for Compensation
When a player purchases a lottery ticket, they check the numbers and hope the ticket is a win. When you believe that you have matched the right numbers and have won a prize, it is an amazing feeling. Now imagine, that the ticket you thought was a winner, is not. This is exactly what has happened to several Texas lottery players and now the state Lottery Commission may have a serious lawsuit on their hands.

Players purchased scratch-off tickets and felt they had won a $500,000 prize only to be let down once the cashier checked the ticket. Manfred Sternberg is the representation of those affected and he says that the players are being cheated and it all stems from the Fun 5s tickets.

With the scratch-off ticket you have five different games located on one card. The first four games offer you several chances to win with different combinations. The fifth game is where the problem lies. Under the scratch-off for the fifth game is says Reveal three ‘5’ symbols in one row, column or diagonal, to win prize in prize box. If you reveal the money bag symbol in the 5 box you win 5 times the prize. Players who get the right symbols according to the wording felt as though they had won major prizes.

According to the Commission the top prize can only be met if all conditions are met. Players who find a money bag but do not match three in a row above do not win the prize. The wording is misleading and now may lead to a huge lawsuit where the state lottery may end up paying up.

Players and even ticket sellers are calling the actions ‘cruel’ of the commission as players are led to believe one thing only to have their hopes dashed once the ticket is checked by a clerk. The lawyer representing the players is now seeking close to $10 million in prize money.

- 2014-09-26

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