Virginia Lottery Player Wins Lottery Prize Twice
Lottery players dream of winning a large lottery prize but imagine winning the lottery more than once! It would be amazing and that is exactly what happened to a lucky player in the state of Virginia. The lucky player managed to win the lottery twice in just three months!

The lucky player is Joseph Sylvester of Arlington, Virginia. Sylvester won $100,000 while playing the lottery on April 3rd and then the lucky player played again on July 3rd and managed to win yet another $100,000! The player was able to win the top prize of the Virginia Cash 5 drawing not once but twice in just 3 months!

According to the Virginia Lottery website, the odds of winning the $100,000 prize in the lottery drawing is one in 278,256 and Sylvester managed to beat the odds more than once! Sylvester spoke with officials about the win and stated: “The second time is a little more routine. Gotta get my picture taken again!”

The player decided to play the game again and used the Easy Pick which is a machine that randomly chooses the lottery numbers. The player purchased his winning ticket at a local 7-eleven and stated that it felt great to win again. Sylvester’s advice to those who want to win is “Expect to win.”

With the first win, Sylvester decided to pay his bills and then buy a new truck. With the second win, he is planning on paying more bills off and then continues to purchase even more lottery tickets. It would be amazing if the player managed to win yet another big lottery prize in the coming months.

- 2012-07-17

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