Washington Lottery Player wins $310,000
The jackpot was high for this past weekend’s Washington Lottery but no one was able to claim the $1.2 million top prize. However one lucky player earned the $310,000 jackpot on Saturday when they bought the winning ticket of the Hit 5 game.

The winning ticket numbers were 12-22-24-36-37-46 and the winner has remained anonymous. The $1.2 million prize will rise to $1.3 million for the next drawing of the Lotto while the Hit 5 jackpot will begin again at $100,000.

The Washington lottery also did not see any winners of the $10,000 prizes in the Match 4 game. However, eighteen tickets paid out $1,000 each when the ticket holders got five out of the six winning numbers on their ticket. Seven hundred and one tickets were worth $30 each when the ticket holders matched four numbers to the lottery.

In the Hit 5 game, sixty one tickets earned $100 each when four out of the five winning numbers were matched while just over two thousand tickets earned $10 payouts for matching three winning numbers.

- 2009-05-18

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