Washington Lottery produces big winner
The Washington State Lottery held a drawing this past Monday and everyone who had purchased a ticket was hoping to be the big winner. The Lotto jackpot was worth $2.4 million which is no small prize. Despite the wishes of the masses, the lottery drawing did not produce a multimillion dollar winner; however one lucky player did win $170,000 in the Hit 5 cash pot.

The lucky winner has yet to be named but what we do know is they are now $170,000 richer! The lottery then increased to $2.6 million and the Hit 5 is reset to $100,000. On Monday nights drawing there was also a few smaller prizes given out as well.

There were five tickets sold that matched five of the six drawn numbers so those players won $1,000 each. There were also 375 tickets that matched four of the drawn numbers and those ticket holders earned $30 each. All of these prizes were awarded in the Lotto game. The winning numbers drawn were: 1, 12, 28, 30, 43 and 45.

In the Hit 5 game there were twenty nine tickets that matched four of the five winning numbers and those players were able to earn $100 each. There were also over one thousand tickets sold that had matched three of the winning numbers so those players earned just $10 a piece. The winning numbers of the Hit 5 game were 1, 7, 20, 29 and 31.

Despite the lower prizes paid out, players are still happy to have won something. Now they can use the smaller amounts of cash won to purchase more lottery tickets and hopefully when the next drawing rolls around someone will be the big million dollar winner!

- 2011-04-27

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