Wisconsin gamblers lose out on millions each year
State and national lottery’s see millions of dollars go through their systems each year. Millions of players play the lottery on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc basis and this makes the lottery prizes grow to massive proportions. With so much money at stake it would seem that players would be very careful with their tickets and make sure they check to see if they are a winner. But as it goes in so many cases, players don’t always check their tickets and millions of dollars go unclaimed each year.

The Wisconsin Lottery is just one example of how players lose out on millions of dollars each year. The state lottery recently released a statement which read that in the last thirteen years, ending in June 2010, the lottery had almost $45 million in unclaimed funds. This amount is simply regular lottery tickets it does not take into account the scratch off tickets.

Andrew Bohage a spokesman for the lottery commented that the unclaimed lottery winnings are expected to increase on average by about $3 million each year. Bohage says the unclaimed winnings are a result of players not knowing about intermediate prizes as well as the smaller amounts that go unclaimed.

Players have a certain amount of time to claim their prize and many times players do not claim their prize within the time period. This is exactly what happened back in 2009 in Racine County. A player had won a $1 million prize but failed to claim the prize in the 180 day redemption period. The player probably lost the ticket or did not realize that they held the winning ticket. Either way, the $1 million went toward the unclaimed lottery funds.

- 2011-04-04

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